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Immediate and Long Term Economical Solutions to Your Septic Problems - No DIGGING Necessary!  


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Immediate Drain Field Remediation

SOIL SHAKER 2000 ~ Mechanically breaks up the biomat, which is the primary cause of drain field failure.  Septic is restored to full function on the day of the procedure.  NO DIGGING necessary.  

Long Term Septic Maintenance

PIRANA TREATMENT SYSTEM ~ Prevents the return of the biomat. Low monthly operation cost ($6/month). Returns your septic to full function.  Long term, trouble free solution.  Installed through septic hatch.  NO DIGGING necessary.


"While our house and septic system are only seven years old, our septic had been facing a complete failure that would have required a complete removal and replacement had it not been for Norm's creativity in identifying a far more cost effective and lasting solution"          Steve H. Franklin Lakes, NJ